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Welcome to the interwebs home of De Voice - Voice Actor and mildly eccentric individual.  Please feel free to explore, read and say hello! 

A Short Intro...

The name is Denise and I'm very pleased to make your acquaintance - welcome to De(nise's) Voice!


Voice Over (VO) - being a Voice Actor (VA) - has been the ultimate dream the moment I learned how to read.  Inspired by animation (East, west, and everything in between) since childhood; still remembering to this day the emotions, the expanding of my imagination and depth of understanding of the world and others.  I want to be able to breathe life into all manner of spoken media.


This passion, this life requirement to do VO provides the drive to work diligently with attention to detail and enjoy ever second.

To Demo is to live

Animation - Characters Demo

A range of characters from the silly to the serious.


Learning from how to use a website to details about a medical phenomenon.

Commercial & PSA

Commercials, PSAs and Narration


Audio Drama & Books

Koala Bear Workshop Audiobooks

  • Abbadar Flint's Lost Treasure -  Various minor characters
  • Hearts of Ice - Berrin's Mother
  • A Drunk's Voyage - Various minor characters


Time Signal Productions

Duggan Hill (Audio Drama)

  • Erica Chao (recurring character)
  • Vivian (recurring character)

Tintenseher Fan Audio

Fallout Second Dawn Fan Podcast

  • Socks (minor character)

Pandora Fables

It's Here

  • Various voices (small boy, young lady, demons)

Leonidas Productions

Merchant of Death

  • Hannah "Mad Bomber" Freeman

Alfhild: Maiden of the Sea

  • Thurid the Shield-Maiden

 Atomic Wolf

The Strip

  • The Lonely Grave of Arch Stanton - Bunny
  • Beware the Shroud - Paul

Video Games

Over the Moon Games

The Fall 2: Unbound

  • Guard - minor character

Minyan Studios

The Pretenders Guild

  • Lorelei (minor character)
  • Child's voice

The Killer Gin

The Killer Gin

  • Shinata's Mother

The Bizarre Monkey


  • Tiramisa

Narration & E-Learning

Psych 2 Go - Educational Videos

Narrator  (various videos)


3AG Systems

Presentation of TFP Platform




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