This is ... DeVoice

Choice.  Chance.  Change

Welcome to the interwebs home of DeVoice - Voice Over Artist and mildly eccentric individual.  Please feel free to explore, read and say hello! 

Who am I??

I am a kind of ridiculous individual who decided to pursue her lifelong dream of Voice Over.  Change, chance, and choice are the forces which change the world - oh, and a good cup of caffeine catharsis.

What's Here?

Demos - of course - I *am* a VO actor for hire.  There are also musings so you can see (figuratively) into my head - and also, a way to contact me if you so choose.

More Stuff

This site, like life is not static - things will be added, deleted, changed and moved around - it serves to be my outlet to "the world" and also an extension of me.  Please be gentle dear readers and listeners.