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Welcome to the interwebs home of DeVoice - Voice Over Artist and mildly eccentric individual.  Please feel free to explore, read and say hello! 

To Demo is to live

Animation - Characters Demo

A range of characters from the silly to the serious.

Videogame - Characters

The sassy, the action, the contemplative.

Who am I?

A short intro to me.


Voice Over (VO), being a Voice Actor (VA) has been my passion since learning to read at 4 years old.  Inspired by watching Japanese animation since before starting school and still remembering to this day the emotions, the expanding of my imagination and depth of understanding of the world and others.  I want to be able to breathe life into all manner of spoken media.


This passion, no this life requirement to do VO provides the drive to work diligently with attention to detail and enjoy ever second.


Credits Include:

Psych 2 Go – Educational Videos



Over the Moon Games - The Fall 2: Unbound



Koala Bear Workshop

  • Abbadar Flint’s Lost Treasure – Fanmade Audiobook
  • Hearts of Ice – Indie Audiobook
  • A Drunk’s Voyage – Indie Audiobook


MinYan Studios The Pretender’s Guild


Minor Character voices



3AG Systems

Voice Over Narration for Presentation


Fallout Fan Audio Drama Podcast

Socks the Guard – character


Time Signal Productions - Duggan Hill Audio Drama

Erica Chao – recurring character



  • Several courses at On the Mic training (OTM)
  • Voice Over at BCIT
  • Ongoing coaching, training and updating under the tutelage of David Godfrey