About Me, De


Born in an Asian Country - sort of Asian Country - whisked away to Canada by the parents as an infant.  Grew up as boringly as possible.



Deciding to switch gears about midway through life - instead of the sciences have now decided to pursue voice-acting, the lifelong desire.


General Whatnot

Not sure what I can put here that wouldn't end up being offensive to someone.


But that pic on the right shows my dogs who are my living therapy - so yes, I'm a dog-person.


After a lifetime (a... 1850s lifetime) of working in the 'regular world' with corporate BS and being the slave to the clock (but unpaid overtime is always welcome) - and also after being flat out bullied at work - I decided that if I'm going to suffer, it had better be for something I truly WANT. 


Hence, I am pursuing voice acting and suffering the pain of constant rejection and constant auditions ... and yet never been happier.


I have a BSc in Biology and Kinesiology - which comes in handy when something goes funky with my lungs and vocal cords - but otherwise has absolutely nothing to do with VO. 


VO-wise, I've had to start from scratch, taking courses at On the Mic and also did a course at BCIT.


As you can see from above - I've already paid a whole unversity-tuition fee, and I'm paying for it again - which is why I give a somewhat withering look at folks who say "Well, now you have to go for acting training, and get a studio set up... oh, btw, VO is something ANYONE can do"


I'm in Vancouver, BC, Canada - home of the most fabulous studios ever and no - I don't live in an igloo.


Gimme a shout if you want to know more.