A Description of the Contents...

A History/general blurb about me...


Just a brief description of where I'm coming from, where I hope I'm going and general whatnot-edness... also has very little to do with VO - but more just a summarized condensed blurb about me. 


Wow... that sounds conceited - I guess uh. Well, it's here because you're on my page and i hope that's because you want to know more about me - right?

Demo... lition?  Demo...nstrate?  Demo...n?


No, definitely not the last one... and hopefully not the first one... but definitely a demo or two in regards to voices.


Every changing, ever fluid and hopefully always improving - feel free to have a listen if you wish - I hope that it will always get better (as in... I certainly to goodness hope this isn't the best that is to come!! - who doesn't want to keep getting better?)

Yes - there is a blog.  Enter at your own risk - viewer beware, Caveat Emptor blahblahblahblah - will often have nothing to do specifically with VO, and is really just a personal outpouring of thought. *I REPEAT - I DO NOT EXPECT YOU TO READ THIS BLOG, it's really just me muttering to myself through my keyboard*


No, seriously...

May contain strong language and opinions that might offend certain viewers - please be wary before reading.  If they make you mad, I'm sorry - I don't mean to make you feel that way, but it's not going to change my opinion on how I feel about things. 


The blog is and will be filled with randomness that is going through my mind and musings I have about things in my environment which affect me in some manner.  I tend to try to stay away from the "uber heavy" political things though, no worries.


The blog is also not on a timeline like "every week a new entry!" - it will grow and gain new entries as my brain and emotions feel the need to blahblahblah on something.


It is also private, as I understand that no matter how polite one is... or how much one tries to be inoffensive, giving, polite and self-effacing... someone, somewhere will adamantly choose to make one the villain of their story, and nothing can be said or done to change it.


You. Have. Been. Warned.  Thank you.

If, after reading this you still have questions or just want to reach out - feel free to give a shout out in the 'Contact Me' form or via email: info@devoice.me