First Post - in a Haze

And the Journey Begins...

So here I sit - with a new website that thinks I'm a bakery.  FYI - if you're here you probably know I'm not a bakery... or a store - but I AM a voice actor for hire.  Please be patient with me while I work this out...

Questions - so many Questions

Why am I a store?

You somehow signed up to be a bakery - which is funny since you can't bake... or cook.  Instant ramen is not cooking


Why do I feel sick?

Too much coffee... not enough food - you idiot


What's the next step?

Figure out how to post demo clips on this site!!


Why is there a finger on the right?

It's the coolest autograph I have ever gotten.  EVER.  Made me feel warm 'n' fuzzy - so I put it here.


Confusionville, Canada (More a state of mind than a physical place)




Do you ever feel like you've done the right thing - but that right thing is probably the most insane thing you've ever done?  That's me here, now and in this headspace.   Maybe I just need sleep...